1 – Rain falls from clouds in the sky in the form of water droplets , this is called precipitation.

2 – Water can also fall from the sky in the form of hail and snow.

3 – Most of the Earth’s surface is covered with water — and most of it is water we can’t drink. 97 percent of Earth’s water is salty sea water. That’s why rain and snow are crucial to life on Earth. Precipitation supports life on land with salt-free water.

4 – Rain provides plants and animals with fresh water.

5 – Plants need water in order to survive , they receive much of this water from rain.

6 – Rain and snow are part of a larger process called the hydrologic cycle , which transports water from the ocean to land and back again. Solar radiation warms the ocean and drives evaporation , which leaves the ocean salt behind. The wind carries this moisture over the land, where it condenses to form clouds and falls back to the ground as precipitation. This precipitation in turn feeds lakes and streams that ultimately carry the water back to the sea.

7 – Precipitation supplies the water that terrestrial organisms need — either directly in the form of rain that falls on soil where plants grow , or indirectly in the form of lakes , streams and ponds where animals can drink. Animal and human cells are made up of 90 percent water , so without fresh water , most life could not exist.

8 – Some precipitation seeps into the ground and penetrates porous rock layers to become groundwater also called the water table. This groundwater also plays an important role for life both directly and indirectly. Spring water from underground aquifers supplies streams and ponds , and humans have used groundwater since time immemorial both for drinking and irrigating crops. Without rain water’s continued replenishment of the water table , potable water would become scarcer than it already is.

9 – Rain water’s most well-known and most important effect is providing you with water to drink.

10 – We get water from rain. If there is no rain , crops will not grow. All the vegetation will wither way.

11 – We cannot think of life on this planet without rain. Without rains , the water level of the earth will sink. People will not get water to drink and food to eat. There will be a terrible drought.

12 – Without rain there will be no life on earth.

  • Rain is a wonderful gifts of The Creator to mankind.
  • All praise and all thank to The Creator for this great gift , He has given to all mankind.
  • And The Creator reminds us about His Favour : –
  • ‘…..and in the rain which Allaah send down from the sky. Thereby reviving the earth after its death ,…… Are signs for people who have sense , (to believe in His divine Omnipotence).’ (2/164)
  • The Creator is The Originator. He who creates all creatures initially without matter or model.
  • The Creator is The Nourisher. He who gives every creature it’s sustenance.
  • The Creator is The Majestic. He who demonstrates His greatness in all things and in all ways.
  • If we observe the sky , the mountains , the cloud , the wind , the rains and anything around us , we would see the Beauty , Greatness and The Manifestation of The Creator.