The Beauty of the Oneness of the Creator

When we see this beauty and Grandeur of the unicity of the Creator in the creation. We observe one most important thing , that He is Alone . The sole Master and Sovereign of the universe , and He does not have any partner in his Lordship.

And if their were one or more partner , their would be total chaos , disorder and confusion. And their would be no order , no equilibrium , no peace and no uniform measurements. The perfect measure , order and beauty in the atoms proves clearly that there is One and only One Creator.

And that He has no partner. He is not in need of anyone , whilst everything else is absolutely in need of Him and dependent on Him. He is the only One that encompasses everything with His perfect Knowledge , Decrees , Wisdom , kindness , Mercy , Power and Might , and everything in the heavens , the earth and what is between them are overwhelmed and subdued by Him and He is never overcome. Nothing happens in the entire existence except by His will and there is not a single creature that possesses the ability to benefit or harm except by His will. He is the Nurturer of all the creation with His blessings. He alone prepared for the creation every perfection and beauty suited for it. He gave everything the nature suited for it , and then He guided every creature towards what (i.e. the purpose) it was created for.

And there are too many signs , evidences and proofs of the Beauty , Grandeur and Unicity (Oneness) of the Creator around us , in the sky and the earth. But sadly most people just go through their life , and they do not ponder and observe these signs , evidences and proofs