1 – There are different types of fat: saturated fat , unsaturated fat and trans fat.

2 – Saturated fat is an unhealthy fat that raises blood cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease.

3 – Foods high in saturated fat include: fatty cuts of meats , skin from poultry, full fat dairy products like butter , milk , yoghurt , cheese and cream. Many take-away foods and processed foods , such as pies , pastries , doughnuts , cakes , biscuits…

4 – Unsaturated fats help lower blood cholesterol levels and can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

5 – They are found in: soybeans , sesame and sunflower seeds , most nuts like almonds , pistachios and cashews and their oils , corn oil , Canola oil , peanut oil , olive oil , avocados , omega-3 fats found in fatty fish…

6 – Trans fats are created in food by processing other types of fats , giving them a different structure. For example when margarine is made from oil. Trans fats behave like saturated fat , they are the most unhealthy fats to eat and can cause heart disease.

7 – Trans fat adds texture and flavour to food, they are usually found in commercially baked goods, fried foods , frozen foods and processed foods like salty snacks , donuts and chocolate coatings.

8 – People are told to avoid fat because of the risks associated with heart disease. However , it is possible to make smart choices about fats in one’s diet. Replacing trans and saturated fats with unsaturated fats is a smart way to reduce key risk factors associated with heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

9 – And regular physical activity can help you prevent or manage a wide range of health problems like heart disease , stroke , diabetes , depression , certain types of cancer , arthritis …

10 – The fat you eat is broken down during digestion into smaller units of fat called fatty acids which can then be absorbed into the blood.Any fat not used by your body’s cells or to create energy is converted into body fat. Likewise , unused carbohydrate and protein are also converted into body fat.

11 – Protection:- Fat is important to protect our body , to help regulate body temperature , and protect us from the hot and cold weather.

12 – Body functions:- Body fat is important for the functioning of the body.

13 – Absorption of the vitamin:- Fat serves as a carrier of vitamin A , D , E , and K are fat-soluble. These vitamins are fat-soluble , meaning they can only be digested , absorbed , and transported with the help of fats.

14 – Shock absorbers:- Fat is the body’s natural cushioning mechanism. Fat surrounds and protects vital organs.

15 – Energy and endurance:- By having body fat in healthy levels , we can avoid illness and chronic fatigue.

16 – They insulate nervous system tissue in the body.

17 – Fat is a source of energy and essential fatty acids.

18 – It is used as insulation to keep us warm.

  • The atoms in carbohydrates are carbon , hydrogen and oxygen. And a change in the structure and ratio of the carbon , hydrogen and oxygen produce the fat , which is a totally differernt product. This is not a chance product.
  • And the carbon , hydrogen and oxygen neither held any meeting so as to cooperate to create the fat. Because atoms do not a have conscience , intelligent or a will.
  • It is The Creator who has created the Fat and the carbohydrates with the atoms of carbon , hydrogen and oxygen , but having totally different properties. And He Alone have The Power and Capacity to do this.
  • The Creator is The One Who witnesses all what His servants do , be it a speech or an action.
  • The Creator is The One Who knows everything and from Whose knowledge nothing at all can escape , not even the weight of an atom in the earth or in the heavens.
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  • The Creator is The Watcher over His creatures and The One Who is aware of everything that is hidden and concealed , and Whose knowledge encompasses all things.
  • He is Watching us , He is Observing us. And in every state , in secret, private , in our thoughts or actions , Allaah knows what we are doing.
  • He is The Protector, The Bestower of Security , The Guardian , The Safeguarder.
  • He is The One who ensures the well-being and The One who extends the wings of Love to cover and protect creation.
  • The Creator is The One who is ever watchful. The One who protects and guards.
  • The Creator is The One who offers peace and security. The One who proclaims the Truth.
  • He is The One who grants security and freedom from fear.
  • Al-Muhaymin , The One Who Witnesses over all things , is among the most beautiful names of The Creator.