1 – Water vapour is practically always present in the air in various quantities depending on conditions. When warm air rises , it expands and cools. Cool air can’t hold as much water vapor as warm air , so some of the vapor condenses onto tiny pieces of dust that are floating in the air and forms a tiny droplet around each dust particle. When billions of these droplets come together they become a visible cloud.

2 – A cloud is a visible mass of condensed water vapour .

3 – Clouds move with the wind , sometimes traveling at more than 150 kilometre-per-hour.

4 – While there are a wide variety of cloud shapes and sizes , they are all made of the same thing: large collection of very tiny droplets of water or ice crystals.

5 – There’s plenty of water vapour in the atmosphere , but we can’t see it.

6 – We only see clouds because the water has condensed into stable enough droplets that diffract and disperse light.

7 – The average cloud droplet is .02 mm in diameter , about five times smaller than the thickness of a sheet of paper. These droplets condense to form clouds up to 14 miles tall, which would be the same height as fifty Empire State Buildings.

8 – Have you ever watched a cloud long enough to see it expanding outward , or looked away for a moment only to find that when you look back its shape has changed. Clouds are ever-changing thanks to the processes of condensation and evaporation.

9 – Even though clouds float in the air , a single cumulus cloud can weigh hundreds of thousands of tons.

10 – Cumulonimbus clouds , which are up to 10 times denser and 1,000 times larger than cumulus clouds , could weigh as much as one million tonnes.

  • It is The Creator who has created the water .
  • And it is The Creator Himself who has created the complex and delicate mechanism of the water cycle.
  • And The Creator has created the various steps for the transformation of the water into water vapour and rising in the atmosphere.
  • The Creator has created the winds that fertilize the water vapour into droplets.
  • The fact that a mass of hundreds thousands of tons of water can remain float is truly amazing.
  • The Creator himself has reveal information about the weight of clouds in the Quran. At the time when the Qur’an was revealed , it was quite impossible to have any information about the weight of clouds. This information , revealed in the Qur’an , have been recently discovered.
  • “It is He Who sends out the winds , bringing advance news of His mercy , so that when they have lifted up the heavy clouds , We dispatch them to a dead land and send down water to it , by means of which We bring forth all kinds of fruit…” (Al-A`raf 7:57)