1 – Minerals help your body grow , develop , and stay healthy. The body uses minerals to perform many different functions.

2 – There are two kinds of minerals: (a) Major Minerals or macrominerals and (b) trace minerals.

3 – (a) Major minerals that are needed in larger quantities ( macromineral ). The major minerals ( body requires more than 100 mg/day) are sodium , potassium , calcium , phosphorus , magnesium , sulphur , and chlorine. For example , most adults need about 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day.

4 – (b) Trace minerals that are needed in minute amounts (body requires less than 100 mg/day), are iron , manganese , copper , iodine , zinc , cobalt , chromium fluorine , and selenium. For example most adults need about only about 10 to 15 milligrams of iron and zinc per day.

5 – Calcium:- Essential for building strong healthy bones and teeth. It helps muscle contraction and nerve function. It Helps blood clotting.Foods rich in calcium:- Milk , cheese , yogurt , green vegetables , almonds , orange juice , wholegrains , cabbage , okra , fish where you eat the bones, such as canned salmon , sardines and pilchards.

6 – Magnesium:- Provides structure for healthy bones. Involved in the release of energy from food . Essential for muscle and nerve function. Foods rich in magnesium:- Milk , wholegrains , green leafy vegetables , legumes , lean meats and fish , nuts and seeds , bananas.

7 – Manganese: – Helps in the formation of healthy bones. Helps in the processing of carbohydrates , cholesterol and protein. Foods rich in Manganese:- Nuts , wholegrains , cereals , vegetables , tea , bread , nuts , cereals , green vegetables such as peas.

8 – Phosphorus:- Works with calcium in the formation of strong healthy bones and teeth.It helps the body to store and use energy. Foods rich in Phosphorus:- Meat , milk , cheese , eggs , nuts , seeds , fish , poultry , bread , rice, and oats.

9 – Potassium:- Controls nerve impulses and muscle contractions . Helps maintain fluid balance.Foods rich in Potassium :- Dried fruit , bananas , raw fruit and vegetables , lean meat , fish , tomatoes , potatoes and sweet potatoes with skins , green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli and citrus fruits.

10 – Sodium:- Controls nerve impulse transmission , Helps maintain water balance. Foods rich in Sodium:- Table salt , processed meats and cheese .

11 – Zinc:- Aids in wound healing and immune function. Essential for normal taste , smell and sight. Helps in the formation of strong bones. Foods rich in Zinc:- Lean meat , fish ,chicken , milk , wholegrains , vegetables nuts such as cashews , almonds , and peanuts , legumes such as beans , split peas , and lentils.

12 – Chromium:- Helps with normal growth. Plays a role in controlling blood sugar levels. Foods rich in Chromium:- Egg yolk , liver , kidney , lean meat , wholegrains and cheese.

13 – Copper:- Joins with iron in formation of red blood cells. Helps with the functioning of the nervous system. Foods rich in Copper:- Oysters , crab , lobster , nuts and wholegrains.

14 – Fluorine:- Helps with the structure of healthy bones and teeth. Decreases the chance of dental caries. Helps in the prevention of osteoporosis. Foods rich in Fluorine:- Fish , tea , beet , carrot , prunes.

15 – Iodine:- Promotes normal thyroid function. Helps brain function and normal growth . Foods rich in Iodine:- Seafood , Seaweed and iodised salt.

16 – Iron:- Helps red blood cells carry oxygen around the body . Prevents anaemia. Foods rich in Iron:- Lean red meat , poultry , seafood , tuna and salmon , dark leafy vegetables such as watercress , wholegrains , eggs , beans , baked potato with skins , dried fruits and like raisins.

17 – Selenium:- Acts as an antioxidant. Promotes a healthy immune system and resistance to disease. Necessary for adequate thyroid function.Foods rich in selenium:- nuts , bread , fish , meat and eggs.

  • Calcium is a reactive and relatively soft metal. But calcium in the body is essential for building strong healthy bones and teeth. It helps muscle contraction and nerve function.
  • Magnesium is highly flammable. But magnesium in the body provides structure for healthy bones and is essential for muscle and nerve function.
  • Potassium is an extremely active metal that reacts violently with oxygen and water in air. But potassium in the body controls nerve impulses and muscle contractions and helps maintain fluid balance.
  • Use your intelligence how come the calcium , magnesium , potassium and the others minerals which have completely different properties in natural state , become so useful to the human body !
  • Do the minerals has intelligence ,will and wisdom to behave so? No , they are only atoms. It is The Creator who has made them useful in the body.
  • The Creator does not create anything in vain.
  • It is The Creator who puts things in their rightful places and gives them their rightful status.
  • It is The Creator who has insight into all things , not matter how small.
  • The Creator is greater than everything , more mighty , more majestic and more exalted.
  • The Creator is the One who is free from all defects.
  • The Creator is far above any attribute of imperfection , and He is above being likened to any of His creation.
  • It is The Creator to whom belong all might and power , the power of strength , the power of dominion , the power of invincibility.
  • None of His creatures can harm Him. He has subjugated all that exists , and the whole of creation is under His Control and is subject to His Might.