1 – Enzymes are substances made of protein that help stimulate chemical reactions

2 – Enzymes play an important role in every function in the human body. The protein-based substances are involved in eating , digestion , breathing , kidney and liver function , reproduction , elimination and more.

3 – Enzymes help with nutrients absorption. They help break down foods in the digestive tract by breaking apart the bonds that hold nutrients together , nutrients that will be absorbed so the body can use them for energy and other important functions.

4 – Several places in your digestive system secrete enzymes. They include the mouth , stomach , pancreas and cells of the small intestine.

5 – An enzyme in saliva called amylase , for example , helps break down starch in your mouth.

6 – Lipase is the enzyme that hydrolyzes , or breaks down , fats. This allows the fats to be absorbed in your intestines.

7 – Protease break down long protein into smaller chains called peptides.

8 – Each enzyme has a specialized function that no other enzyme is able to carry out.

9 – Respiratory enzymes assist in the elimination of carbon dioxide from the lungs.

10 – Protection of blood from toxic waste materials by converting these substances to forms that can be eliminated by the body.

11 – Provision of assistance to the kidneys , lungs , skin and colon in eliminating toxins and waste.

12 – Coagulation of blood in order to stop bleeding.

13 – Superoxide dismutase is an antioxidant which protects the cells by attacking superoxide , a common free radical.

14 – Catalase breaks down the metabolic waste product , hydrogen peroxide and then liberates oxygen so it can be used within the body.

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