1 – Around 20 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with mountains.

2 – There are mountains and mountain ranges in the ocean. Many islands are actually the tops of mountains.

3 – Half of the world’s population depends on mountain water. The mountains are a store house of water.

4 – About 80 per cent of our planet’s fresh water originates in the mountains.

5 – Mountains occur on all continents , in all latitude zones , from arid hot desert and tropical forest to arid polar icecaps.

6 – Mountain ecosystems are important for biological diversity , particularly in the tropics and warmer temperate latitudes.

7 – Mountain are often rich in endemic species.

8 – The world’s mountains encompass some of the most spectacular landscapes.

9 – They are also a natural sanctuary for some animals.

10 – On the top there are birds and insects and the lowest parts , goats and sheep are found.

11 – Water from mountains is also used for irrigation and generation of hydro-electricity.

12 – Mountains play a critical role in the water cycle by capturing moisture from air masses; when this precipitation falls as snow , it is stored until it melts in the spring and summer , providing essential water for settlements , agriculture and industries downstream.

13 – In semi-arid and arid regions , over 90 percent of river flow comes from the mountains.

14 – Most of the world’s rivers are fed from mountain sources , with snow acting as a storage mechanism for downstream users.

  • The Creator of the mountains shows us in The Qur’an a very important function of mountains: The Creator of the mountains has placed the mountains on the earth so that the earth would not shake. And only recently science came to know of its reality.
  • The Creator is The One who is attributed with greatness of Power and Glory of status.
  • The Creator is The Majestic , The honorable and the exalted.
  • The Creator is The Englober , The enricher , the Omnipresent and the Knowledgeable.
  • The Creator is The Affectionate and the Loving.
  • The Creator is The One with extreme Power which is un-interrupted and He does not get tired.
  • The Creator is The One who created human being.
  • The Creator is The Beginner , the Creator and The Originator.
  • The Creator is One who deserves to be praised.