The Plant


1 – We may have found small amount of grasses in our gardens , and after sometimes we are started to see how the grasses have proliferated in a large quantity and have gradually filled up the entire garden. Undeniably , when the herbs reproduce , they have similar qualities. They are of the exact size and same texture , colour , same flowers , etc.

2 – Likewise , if a tree produces many fruits , all the fruits would be of the same type with same taste , same colour , same sweetness and same fragrance. In short , all the fruits resemble each other in every ways. Various questions come across our mind when we observe a plant.

3 – How do plants grow up and what food they necessitate?

4 – How do plants breathe?

5 – How do plants reproduce?

6 – And further we observe other reaction of plants , for examples :- If a root is placed in the vertical direction , it will grow towards the soil.

7 – Roots always grow towards water.

8 – Light is an important condition for a plant to grow. So plants grow in the direction of light.

9 – A change in temperature affects the growth of a plant significantly. For example: the evaporation of water for a leaf is affected by temperature.

10 – In the same perspective , there exist multiple reactions. For example: the flower and the leaves of a plant converge towards sunlight. Some plants are highly sensitive when they are touched while the flowers of some plants close at night.

11 – Why are all the plants of the same kind; why are they alike in term of their colour , taste , fragrance , etc.

12 – How do the plants decide about their colour , taste and perfume? How much percentage of vitamins , minerals and starch does a fruit or vegetable requires ?

13 – Who decides about all these things? We will be astounded to know the answers of all the above questions.

14 – All information pertaining to plants (colour , perfume , taste, how they grow , breathe , etc) are encoded in the DNA of all the plants’ cells , that is , each and every cell of the plants have all the information to how the plant will look like , what must the plant do in order to survive , its respiration , reproduction , etc.

15 – Now , another big question that crops up is: How and who has kept all these information in the cells of the plants? Either the plant has received all the information beforehand or all these are happening on its own. But this is not possible , as for a certain period of time the plant did not even exist. And it is only step by step that a plant comes to existence. Therefore , there must be someone who furnishes the plant all these information and makes the plant follow each and every information step by step , for instance , how must it multiply , grow , feed , breathe , reproduce , its colour , taste , perfume , etc.

  • There is no doubt that the Creator of the universe has granted all these knowledge to the plant and everything happens as per His command.
  • Each and every single detail shows that there is a Creator who possess all the knowledge and who has the power to control on every things in this universe.
  • The Creator is The Supreme One.
  • He gives from His inexhaustible treasures.
  • As the needs of His creatures increase , His bounties and His favours also increase.
  • His existence is both manifest and hidden.
  • He is apparent because the signs of His existence are visible but His essence is hidden from us.
  • If there is an artwork , there certainly is an artist who has created that artwork.
  • If there is a creation , there certainly is a Creator.
  • When the Creator creates something , He makes provision for it throughout its whole development stages until it reaches its completion.