Transport System in Plants


1 – Stem contains microscopic tubes :– xylem vessels and phloem vessels.

2 – Stem has been designed with precision and in details.

3 – Stems have two main functions. The first one , there are xylems that transport water and minerals from the roots upwards to all other parts of the plant.

4 – The second one , there are phloems that transport nutrients downwards.

5 – There are continuous upward movements in plants.

6 – And the stem support the plant’s branches , leaves and fruits.

7 – The water and mineral absorbed by the root are evenly distributed to the other parts of the plant.

8 – The water passes to the stem to the branches and eventually to the leaves.

9 – After utilizing the water absorbed by the roots , the leaves release the water in the air through its stomata.

10 – So how does the stem and branches distribute the water and minerals in different parts of the plants uniformly ?

11 – The stem conducts water , nutrients and the products of photosynthesis to and from roots and leaves.

12 – They are used to store foods.

13 – Stems provide a support to the leaves and reproductive structures.

14 – The stem also has cells with special thickened walls that help to provide strength.

15 – Stems which are green in color produce foods just like the leaves.

16 – The stem accommodates the transport system which is necessary for the vertical and lateral movement of water and sap within the plant body.

  • All glory and praise belongs to The Creator who has created everything with exactitude and details with great harmony and beauty without any trace of error or blockage in the system.
  • The beauty , the harmony , the uniformity and the grace we observe in the plants , the roots , the leaves and the fruits , is extraordinary and wonderful.
  • The Creator who has created all things.
  • The Creator is the Originator of all the creations.
  • The Creator has created the creation without model.
  • Everything He creates is a marvel.
  • The beauty , the harmony , the uniformity and the grace in His creation is wonderful.
  • The Creator is One. He does not have any partner.