The Roots


1 – Absorption and conduction. The plant root system absorbs water and nutrients from the soil. From the root , these are moved upward and whatever the height , the water rises without any difficulty , for example , the height of an eucalyptus tree is 50 to 75 feet. The roots take in water and take in 5 litres to hundred litres of water every day.

2 – Anchorage and support. The plant root system anchors the plant body to the soil and provides physical support.


3 – Each and every drop of water which is evaporated by the leaf is replaced by the roots. The roots absorb water and the water passes to the stem and branches and then to the leaves. There are several minerals in the soil , for instance , calcium , iron , magnesium , nitrogen , sulphur , potassium , carbon , and so on.

4 – So , how does the plant identify what the plant needs? How come an apple is sweet and a lemon is sour. How do the roots know what does the apple requires and what does the lemon needs? Who has given them this knowledge or intelligence ?

5 – If we place different minerals in our plate , we will not be able to distinguish which mineral is advantageous for our body and in what percentage our body require them? So how come the root know all these things?

6 – And there are millions of ‘Root-hairs’ which boost the surface area which is in contact with the soil.

  • And … what if the roots absorb those minerals that the plant does not want or can be detrimental for the plant? This can lead to the early death of the plant or it can be unsafe for the person or animal who consume the unhealthy plant. But all these things on no account arise because the roots do not make such mistakes. So how come the roots have gained all these awareness and they follow only one rule?
  • The roots itself has no intelligence , nor wisdom and neither a will. What to absorb and what not?
  • And how the roots knew that anchorage and physical support is something very important for the survival of the plant itself? And how the roots knew at what angles and other technical details is necessary for the anchorage and physical support.
  • It is the Creator who has created everything in the universe. The Creator who has created the roots. And the Creator has decided the functions of the roots.
  • The Creator is the cause of all existence.

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