1 – The leaves may be considered as the most important life-giving part of the plant body.

2 – The leaves serve as food storage organ of the plant both temporarily and on long-term basis.

3 – A very important thing that takes place in leave is photosynthesis.

4 – Photosynthesis means: The process of producing food. This process in essence involves the absorption of light mainly by the chlorophyll pigments and the absorption of carbon dioxide via the stomatal pores in the leaves.

5 – Stomata opens and closes and depends on sunlight , heat and humidity. Stomata is a mechanic which opens up and closes automatically when necessary.

6 – Water evaporates from the leaves to the air through the stomata itself. Plants lose a large volume of water through the leaves in the form of vapor.

7 – As a result of the cleavage of the water molecule during photosynthesis , oxygen is generated and released to the atmosphere.

8 – In simple and clear language , we can say that leaves are machines which help the plant to breathe and produce its own food.

9 – And we can even say that the leaves are little factories that produce food.

10 – This food is exported to the stem before the leaves fall and utilized in the subsequent shoot development.

11 – The leaves make use of primary resource for example water and minerals absorbed by the root. And they use carbon dioxide from the air , and in turn generate and release oxygen in the air.

12 – Leaves are found everywhere. But are we aware , that there are programmed computerized robots which are known as stomata , which open up and close?

13 – They do not require electricity to operate and they can withstand wind and rain.

14 – Are we aware that there are several complicated events that take place to produce food and energy for the entire plant?

  • How come the stomata is responsive about all these delicate information such as the intensity of light , temperature , humidity and the quantity of water.
  • The beauty and harmony in the leaves and such an organized way to produce food and energy for plant is really wonderful and extraordinary !It cannot happen just by itself.
  • And neither there are several Creators who has worked together to produce the beauty and harmony in the leaves and such an organized way to produce food and energy for plant. Do you know what happens when there are several Leaders in a political party or several captain in a ship? There is only chaos , disorder , disputes , wars , fight, no harmony and no peace !
  • The Creator is One. He has no equal , none like Him. He has no partner in His essence , nor in His attributes , and neither in His actions.
  • He does not need any help in His actions.
  • How the Creator can be compared with the creations !