1 – A seed is from which a plant grows. The outer layer of the seed is known as the seed ‘coat’. At times , the seed coat is extremely thin and soft and sometimes the seed coat is so hard and thick that it cannot be broken with bare hands. For instance , we usually make use of a hard object (hammer) to break the seed of an almond.

2 – A seed may remain buried in the soil for several months and sometimes even for years , but they remain intact without being damaged or decomposed. But the moment it rains, the seed starts to germinate. How does the seed know what is happening outside ?

3 – There are seeds that do not grow in winter but as soon as summer drops in , seeds begin to take roots. How do the seeds know about the temperature outside?

4 – The seed of coconut can remain in water for 80 days without decaying or sinking. And the moment it comes into contact with the soil , the germination process is initiated. This is the contrary of other seeds , because in general when seeds are dry and come into contact with water , they take root.

5 – Steps of how seeds grow – Food is stored in the seed so as to help the seed grow in the soil , to enable it to form its leaves and to produce its own energy. Every seed has their own protective layer to protect them from any harm , for example from disease , insects , damage , etc.

6 – And when the appropriate time comes to germinate , the seed takes root and goes deep in the soil while its stem grows up. Once outside the soil , its leaves grow and open up and produce its own nutrients by photosynthesis.

7 – And the instant the seed comes into contact with humidity , warmth and water it begins to sprout. So how do the seeds get all these information of what is happening outside?

8 – And when the seed germinates , its root comes out of the seed and goes deep in the soil. How do the roots know that they should go deep in the soil to absorb water? And its stem goes out of the soil and as soon as it goes out leaves start to come out.


9 – How come two things (root and stem) which come out of the same seed abide by two different laws? And how come the stem which is extremely tender and delicate breaks a hard and thick seed and breaks through kilos of soil and comes out of the soil without any scratch and harm.

10 – For a plant to survive and grow it needs food. The food for a plant is : water , warmth , nutrients from the soil , carbon dioxide from the air and light to continue to grow. How do plants take in water? And what nourishment they require and in how much quantity?

11 – If coconut seeds did not have all these qualities then every coconut seeds would have putrefied. How do the coconut seeds have all these information? How do they make all the arrangements not to rot , to float and to resist unfavorable environment?

  • It is The Creator of the universe who has predetermined all that the seeds needs and all the steps for the germination of the seeds.
  • In all these steps we can observe the magnitude , competence and strength of The Creator.
  • The beauty and harmony in these steps is neither by coincidence nor has the plant decided all these. But rather these have been programmed by The Creator.
  • The Creator has created the entire creation at the service of mankind.
  • And mankind has been created only for the worship of The Creator.