Reproduction of Plants


Different types of plant reproduce differently.

1 – The first type is:- One cell can split into two , giving you two identical cells. That type is asexual reproduction and is common in plants.

2 – New plants may be regenerated from leaves , stems , or roots and become separated from the parent plant. For example:

3 – Grafting occurs whenever 2 cut ends of plant stems are fused. A bud or shoot from one plant is inserted into a cleft or under the bark on the stem of a closely related variety. The rooted portion is called the stock; the bud or shoot being grafted is the scion.

4 – Layering occurs when aerial roots touch soil & start growing new plants.

5 – Cuttings: fragments of plant can regenerate into whole individuals. It is possible to produce new individuals from certain plants by putting the cut end of a shoot into water or moist earth. Roots grow from the base of the stem into the soil while the shoot continues to grow and produce leaves.

6 – Rhizomes: Underground stems produce new plants. Rhizomes are stems which grow horizontally under the ground. In some cases the underground stems are swollen with food reserves. The terminal bud turns upwards to produce the flowering shoot and the lateral buds may grow out to form new rhizomes

7 – Bulbs consist of very short stems with closely packed leaves arranged in concentric circles round the stem. These leaves are swollen with stored food e.g. onion. A terminal bud will produce next year’s flowering shoot and the lateral buds will produce new plants.

8 – Runners are also horizontal stems growing from the parent plant , but they grow above ground. When their terminal buds touch the ground they take root and produce new plants. For example: strawberry

9 – Potatoes do not have seed – From one potato we have another potato that grows.

10 – Small pieces may break off and become a new plant (fragmentation)

11 – Small buds may be washed off by rain and develop new moss plants

12 – The second type is when two cells , each with half of the DNA needed , combine and create a living cell. That type is sexual reproduction For example:

13 – Pollination: It is the transfer of pollen from one flower to another flower and then through numerous stages it becomes a fruit.


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