1 – Flowers charm , please and entertain us with their lovely scent and striking beauty.

2 – The structure of a plant varies from one another. Different types of plant have different types of structure and flower patterns.

3 – The shape , the colour , the taste , its fragrance and its packaging is indeed an extraordinary beauty.

4 – If you observe closely a flower , you would be amazed the way a flower has been structured , its colour , its attraction , its symmetry , its bloom , its petal , its nectar and even the pollen.


5 – And the pollen fertilizes the flower to develop the fruit.

6 – Pollen can be found in the air , sometimes it is transmitted by bees and in other multiple ways.

7 – Pollination is one of the most interesting processes that flowers go through.

8 – Some flowers depend on insects to deposit the pollen , while others rely on birds , bats or the wind.

9 – Pollinators like bees , animals , and birds come and gather pollen from the flowers. The pollen sticks to their bodies. When they go to visit another flower to gather more pollen , the pollen from the previous flower drops into the pistil of the new flower , fertilizes the eggs inside the ovary.

10 – Many flowers have exquisite colors , scents and shapes to attract pollinators to them.

11 – Plants that are pollinated by the wind may have small , inconspicuous flowers , while those that rely on butterflies tend to be brightly colored.

12 – Some flowers , like the 4 O’Clock flower , open at night or in the evening because they’re pollinated by nocturnal insects and creatures.

  • Some would tell that the flowers have evolved or adapted to different method as its’ colors , scents and shapes to attract pollinators to them but all these ideas and opinions do not make sense.
  • Everybody knows well that the flowers do not have a reasoning , nor a conscience and neither a will!! So how the flowers knew what colors will be best for them!! And what scents will be best for them!! And what shapes will be best for them!! And how the flowers knew that there are insect , bees , birds etc. as pollinators!! And what is their preference!!
  • If someone tells us that the picture of the flower above was made by itself. And it came here by itself. Nobody will believe it. Because everybody knows that there must be an artist who has made the picture.
  • And in the same reasoning , when we see a real flower with all it’s beauty and fragrance , we conclude that there must be A Creator who has made it.
  • From the development of the flower , to the way the pollen disposes on it so that it turns into a fruit is indeed a beauty. Each and every detail is planned by The Creator.
  • All praises and greatness is for The Creator who created everything in this world with extreme beauty , grace and harmony.