Plant Cell


1- A plant cell is the structural and functional unit for all plant organisms.

2- A plant cell is extremely small. It is only visible on a microscope. There are millions of cells in an organism.

Here are some fascinating facts you should know about plant cells :-

3- Chloroplast – the sites of photosynthesis in a plant cell. They contain chlorophyll , a green pigment that absorbs energy from sunlight.

4- Vacuole – structure in a plant cell that provides support and participates in a variety of cellular functions including storage , detoxification , protection , and growth.


5- Mitochondria – this organelle generates energy for the cell.

6- The rigid cell walls give the plant a defined shape and keep the cells from enlarging with water intake.

7- Golgi Complex – responsible for manufacturing , storing and shipping certain cellular products.

8- Nucleus – membrane bound structure that contains the cell’s hereditary information.

9- Stomata Cells are tiny openings that allow carbon dioxide in and oxygen to be released.

10- Plants manufacture their food through the process of photosynthesis , in which energy harvested from the sun is used , by the plant , to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugars and carbohydrates.

11- Plant cells are extremely effective at removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Photosynthetic processes within the chloroplast are also responsible for producing the oxygen in the air we breathe.

12- The only living thing in the world which can create their own food is plant cell.

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