1- What is a virus? A virus is a microbe. A microbe is a tiny one-celled living organism , too small to be seen with just your eyes. Other types of microbes are: bacteria , protozoa , and fungi.

2- There are a million viruses per milliliter of seawater. Viruses are extremely small , thousands of them could fit into one cell.

3- How does a virus infect you? Viruses are everywhere but they need to get inside a human , an animal or a plant to make them sick. In fact , they must invade a cell , called a host cell , in order to grow and reproduce. Most can’t survive long unless they’re in a living host. Once inside , they can spread and make other people sick. Viruses can enter us through the nose , mouth or breaks in the skin.


4- Viruses are made of a small collection of genetic material (DNA or RNA) encased in a protective protein coat called a capsid.

5- Once inside a host cell they follow these basic steps in order to fool the host cell into making make copies of the virus that might then infect living organisms.

This is called the lytic cycle:-

6- A virus attaches to a host cell.

7- The virus enters or releases its genetic instructions into the host cell.

8- The injected genetic material gives instructions to the host cell’s enzymes.

9- The enzymes make parts for more new virus particles.

10- The new particles assemble the parts into new viruses.

11- The new virus particles leave the host cell, ready to infect other cells.

12- Many viruses cause disease, viruses cause colds , flu , chickenpox , measles , mumps , rubella , and even HIV , which causes AIDS , is a virus.

13- Viruses may lead to mild to severe illnesses in humans , animals and plants.

14- The virus particle attack the cell and take over its machinery to carry out their own life processes of multiplication and growth. An infected cell will produce viral particles instead of its usual products.

  • How small is virus! But how it’s function is co ordinated! And how it multiply? And how it choose it’s target? And how it enters the cell without being detected?
  • And most important question that come to the mind is that the virus do not have a will, a consciousness and intelligence. So how do all these functions occur?
  • And there is only one answer that come to the mind:- That there must be a Creator. Just not a Creator but a perfect Creator who is a Guardian over all things.
  • The perfect way in which the virus are formed , the way in which they are maintained and controlled , all indicate that the Creator is One and that He does as He wills and rules and decides as He wants.
  • He the Creator , the Inventor of all things , the Bestower of forms.
  • The Creator is the giver of life to things without life. And The Creator of Death , The Destroyer , The One who renders the living dead. All who is alive will certainly die.