1 – Each atom is made up of a nucleus and a number of electrons moving in orbital shells at great distances from the nucleus.

2 – Electrons are particles spinning and revolving around the nucleus of the atom similar to the earth rotating on its own axis as it also revolves around the sun.

3 – This rotation , like that of the planets , is realized ceaselessly and in perfect order on paths we call orbits.

4 – Electrons occupy different energy levels in the electron clouds around the nucleus in very specific ways.

5 – 2 electrons can occupy the 1st energy level.

6 – 8 electrons can occupy the 2nd energy level.

7 – The Electro-magnetic Force is the force that keeps electrons in Orbit.

8 – Each particle bears “an electrical charge” according to its own structural characteristics and that a force exists between these electrical charges.

9 – This force provides that particles with opposite electrical charges attract each other and particles with the same charge repel each other , therefore ensuring that the protons in the nucleus of the atom and the electrons travelling in the orbits around it attract each other.

10 – In this way , the “nucleus” and the “electrons”, the two basic elements of the atom , stay together.

11 – The atom


12 – The slightest change in the strength of this force would cause electrons to shoot away from the nucleus or to fall into the nucleus.

13 – Electrons revolving around the nucleus create a very complex traffic inside the atom and do not have even a small accident.

14 – In fact , any small accident inside the atom would cause a disaster for the atom. However, such an accident never takes place. The whole operation runs flawlessly.

15 – The electrons revolving around the nucleus at the mind-boggling speed of 2,200 km/second never collide with each other.This traffic , however , is so orderly as to be incomparable than the most organised city traffic.

  • How do they follow these paths unerringly , how do they not collide though they have incredibly small dimensions and move at incredible speeds? These questions lead us to a single point: the only truth we face in this unique order and delicate equilibrium is the perfect creation of Creator.
  • When we see the beauty and Grandeur of the unicity of the Creator in the creation. We observe one most important thing , that He is Alone , The sole Master and Sovereign of the universe , and He does not have any partner in his Lordship.
  • And if their were one or more partner , their would be total chaos , disorder and confusion. And their would be no order , no equilibrium , no peace and no uniform measurements.
  • The perfect measure , order and beauty in the atoms proves clearly that there is One and only one Creator. And that He has no partner.
  • The Creator is the cause of all existence , He does not resemble in any way any of his creation. He is unique , withouth partner , without resemblance. The Creator is Perfection. The extent of this perfection is infinite.
  • And strange is man actions!! All these millions of proofs and evidences of the Creator around man. And yet man has taken as gods and lords , idols made of stone. And the Creator who has created the stone. And man himself has carved the stone and have given the stone a form according to his imagination.
  • What a delusion !!!