1 – An atom is the smallest particle of an element still having the same chemical properties of the element.

2 – Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects. A desk , the air , even you are made up of atoms!

3 – Everything in the universe consists of atoms.

4 – They are the basis for everything in the Universe.

5 – If you want to create a language , you’ll need an alphabet. If you want to build molecules , you will need atoms of different elements.

6 – An atom is like a solar system in miniature. It has a central ‘sun’ or nucleus which has a number of ‘planets’ or electrons ‘orbiting’ around it.

7 – If you make a tiny dot with the tip of a sharp pencil , and if the pencil lead was all carbon atoms , that little dot would have about four billion carbon atoms in it.

8 – The average atom is about one tenth of a billionth of a meter across. Atoms are really small!

9 – An atom contains protons , neutrons , and electrons.

10 – Protons have a positive electrical charge and are found together with neutrons (no electrical charge) in the nucleus of each atom.

11 – Negatively charged electrons orbit the nucleus , much like a satellite attracted to the gravity of the Earth.

13 – Even though protons and neutrons make up the nucleus of an atom , most of the nucleus is empty space.

14 – Atoms are made up mostly of “empty space “.

15 – A hydrogen atom is about 99.9999999999996% empty space.

16 – Have you ever think the miracle in the formation of the atoms? How come by adding one proton and one neutron in the nucleus and adding one electron in it’s orbit each time , different atoms are formed! And different atoms with different properties and funtions. And although the functions are different but are important and useful to humanity.

  • When we see the atoms , the beauty of it’s structure. How the nucleus is structured and the orbitings electrons. It is really extraordinary and marvelous.
  • How much protons and neutrons should the nucleus hold? And how much electrons should be there in the orbit? The atoms cannot be created by itself! The atoms do not have will , nor consciousness and neither intelligence.
  • It the Creator who has created the atoms with all its details and its beauty.
  • The Creator must have a different nature from the things He created , because if He were of the same nature as them , He would be temporal and would therefore need a maker.
  • Therefore , nothing is like Him. If the Maker is not temporal , then He must be Eternal. The Eternal cannot be bound by limitations. He is the Self-Sufficient because nothing outside Him can cause him to continue to exist , and if nothing outside Him causes Him to continue to exist , this means that He is Self-Sufficient.
  • And if He does not depend on anything for the continuance of His own existence , then His existence can have no end. The Creator is therefore Eternal and Everlasting.
  • He is not in need of anyone , whilst everything else is absolutely in need of Him and dependent on Him.
  • He is the Nurturer of all the creation with His blessings. He alone prepared for the creation every perfection and beauty suited for it. He gave everything the nature suited for it, and then He guided every creature towards what (i.e. the purpose) it was created for.
  • And yet , everyday man passes by the millions of proofs and evidences of the Creator around him but he makes as if he has seen nothing.
  • And yet , everyday the millions of favours the Creator descend upon mankind but he passes by as if he has seen nothing.
  • And how unthankful man is !!!