1 – The atoms of an element can exist in different types. These are called isotopes.

2 – Isotopes are atoms that have the same number of protons and electrons , but a different number of neutrons.

3 – Changing the number of neutrons in an atom does not change the element.

4 – Several isotopes of each element can be found in nature.

5 – Atoms of elements with different numbers of neutrons are called “isotopes” of that element.

6 – All elements have a number of isotopes. Hydrogen has the fewest number of isotopes with only three. The elements with the most isotopes are cesium and xenon with 36 known isotopes.

7 – Some isotopes are stable and some are unstable. When an isotope is unstable it will decay over time and eventually it will turn into another isotope or element.

8 – Unstable isotopes are considered radioactive.

Radioactive isotopes are used :-

9 – In agriculture, food industry , pest control , archeology and in nuclear medicine.

10 – Radiocarbon dating , which measures the age of a carbon-bearing item , uses a radioactive isotope of carbon known as carbon-14.

11 – In medicine , gamma rays emitted by radioactive elements are used to detect tumors inside the human body.

12 – Food irradiation –the process of exposing food to a controlled level of gamma rays — kills many types of bacteria , making food safer to eat.

13 – Used in to image the skeleton and heart muscle in particular , but also for brain , thyroid , lungs (perfusion and ventilation) , liver , spleen , kidney (structure and filtration rate), gall bladder , bone marrow , salivary and lacrimal glands , heart blood pool , infection and numerous specialised medical studies.

14 – Radiotherapy source for cancer treatment.

15 – Used for pain relief in bone cancer.

16 – Used for diagnosis of coronary artery disease.

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