1 – Oxygen is the most vital nutrient for the human body. You can survive several weeks without food , several days without water , but you cannot survive more than a few minutes without oxygen.

2 – It is a simple and indisputable fact – oxygen is necessary to sustain life. Oxygen is the miraculous element that permits life to exist and flourish on earth!

3 – Your body needs oxygen to be able to : Create energy , Digest food , Metabolize fat , Metabolize Carbohydrates , Transport Gases Across Cell Membranes , Manufacture hormones , proteins and other chemicals , Regulate pH , Incite the body to breathe , Clean and detoxify toxins , Eradicate virus , amoeba , parasites , fungus or bacteria , And much more.

4 – After exercising , the body requires additional oxygen to return to its normal state.

5 – The bright red color of your blood is because of the oxygen attached to your red blood cells. After those red blood cells have released their oxygen and picked up carbon dioxide (CO2) you blood turns a dark red color.

6 – The process of oxygen combining with other atoms to make compounds is called oxidation. Oxygen is highly oxidizing. It readily accepts electrons from other substances during reactions. Through normal oxidation (the chemical union of an element with oxygen , such as what occurs during digestion , burning , or rusting), Oxygen reacts releasing heat in the reaction process.

7 – Oxygen does not burn – It does , however , support the combustion of other substances. If oxygen itself actually burnt , striking a match would be enough to burn all of the oxygen in our planet’s atmosphere.

8 – Oxygen nourishes the cells. Our cells are energized by oxygen. It regulates all the functions of the body. Our ability to talk , sleep , eat , move , feel , and think are all dependent on the energy that is generated by oxygen.

9 – All animals need oxygen to stay alive.

10 – Oxygen is the most incredible bacterial and virus killing agent. Virus , amoeba , parasite , fungus or bacteria that cause disease. But none of these hostile organisms can live in an environment with high concentrations of oxygen.

11 – Oxygen dissolves in water. Aquatic organisms depend on dissolved oxygen for their survival.

12 – Oxygen is about two times more soluble in water than nitrogen is. If it had the same solubility as nitrogen , much less oxygen would be present in seas , lakes and rivers , making life much more difficult for living organisms.

13 – Oxygen dissolves in cool water easier than in warm water. The World’s oceans carry dissolved oxygen that supports life. The polar oceans , being coolest , hold more dissolved oxygen and therefore sustain vast amounts of aquatic life.

  • The question that comes to the mind is : How the Oxygen gas became the most essential element for all existence. May be it has decided to create itself like that or may be after it’s creation it has decided to become more ingenious than the other gases. Or may be all the gases held a meeting where it has been decided that the oxygen gas will be superior to the other gases.
  • All the above assumptions are nonsense. Oxygen is not a living thing. Oxygen do not have a will or intelligence and neither can it make a decision.
  • It is the Creator who is free from every imperfection who has created the oxygen with all it’s qualities. It the Creator who is The Inventor and The Fashioner. It is the Creator who is The Organizer , The Designer. He is The Almighty , The Powerful. The One Who created the creation and formed it without any preceding example. The Creator is The Wonderful , The Maker , The Incomparable.
  • And The Creator has not created all the creations in vain. The creations has been created at the service of mankind. And mankind has been created so that he acknowledge the Creator as the only God worthy of worship. And their is no god Except The One Creator.