Noble Gas


1 – The noble gases are a group of elements in the periodic table. They are located to the far right of the periodic table and make up the eighteenth column.

2 – The elements that make up the family of noble gases include helium , neon , argon , krypton , xenon , and radon.

3 – Helium has two electrons in its outer shell and the rest have eight electrons.

4 – Because of their full outer shells , they are very inert and stable. This means they don’t tend to react with other elements to form compounds.

5 – They are gases under standard conditions.

6 – They are colorless and odorless.

7 – Nitrogen makes up about 78% of Earth’s atmosphere and oxygen 21% , meaning that these two elements constitute fully 99% of the air above the Earth. Argon ranks a distant third , with 0.93%.

8 – The remaining 0.07% is made up on water vapor , carbon dioxide , ozone (O3), and traces of the noble gases. These are present in such small quantities that the figures for them are not typically presented as percentages , but rather in terms of parts per million (ppm). The concentrations of neon , helium , krypton , and xenon in the atmosphere are 18 , 5 , 1 , and 0.09 ppm respectively.

9 – Collectively , they make up about 1 percent of Earth’s atmosphere.

10 – The most important chemical property of the noble gases is their lack of reactivity. Helium , neon , and argon do not combine with any other elements to form compounds.

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