1 – The cow has just one stomach but the cow’s stomach contains four separate compartments or chamber.

2 – The first chamber – This is a large chamber , that helps to store the food after it is eaten. However , while it can’t digest food itself , it does contain numerous bacteria which help to to break down food and start the digestion. So that the animal can digest it later on.

3 – The second chamber – It turns the undigested food into lumps – called ‘cud’. The cud is then returned to the cow’s mouth and the cow chews it even more. This is why cows often seen to be chewing.

4 – The cow then swallow it , and it passes to the third chamber – This part of the stomach is a ‘filter’. It filters through all the food the cow eats. The cud is also pressed and broken down further.

5 – The fourth chamber – This part of the stomach is like a humans stomach and is connected to the intestines. Here , the food is finally digested and essential nutrients that the cow needs are passed through the bloodstream.

6 – Grass contains a chemical called cellulose , which is what makes plant cell walls rigid and strong.

7 – Animal digestive systems digest the very tough cellulose .

8 – So they require a lot of time to digest and to soak up their nutrients and they need to be processed a few times to break them down.


9 – The processed substances is extracted from food and it pass into the blood stream via a complex system. And the blood transports them to all the organs of the body , among which are the milk-producing mammary glands.

10 -The Milk is the best and most nutritious food for infants. And no other nourishment can replace what is provided by it.

  • The milk has not been produced by coincident but it is the Creator who has made it specially for mankind and other animals.
  • It is The Creator alone that has the power to create the milk from the grass.
  • It is The Creator who has designed this perfect order for every mammal , including mankind ,to produce the milk ,which is the best food items for the newborn.
  • He , the Almighty , tells us that:- The wholesome and pure milk is produce from the processed substances (which is what we humans call today proteins , vitamins , sugars , minerals and so on…) in the intestine and blood. (Quran 16/66)
  • It is The Creator who has created the cows and the cow’s milk.
  • It is The creator who has designed this perfect order.
  • The Creator is Unique. He is The One Who is Alone and Unique in every sense.
  • He is The One Alone in His Oneness , in His Self , and His Attributes. He is Alone in His Divinity.
  • The Creator is The One Who Alone deserves to be worshipped.
  • The Creator is The Most High. He is The One Who is above everything , having power and control over everything.
  • He is The Most Generous. The One unequalled in His Perfect Generosity.