1 – Sheep can adapt themselves in a wide variety of habitats worldwide ranging from temperate mountain forests to desert conditions.

2 – The sheep is important to us today. They provide us with food , leather , clothing and give us the raw materials for by-products , such as soap , lanolin and glue.

3 – Lanolin is natural oil found in the sheep’s fleece which is used to make cosmetics and candlewax.

4 – Woolen clothes will stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

5 – Sheep are hardy animal. This means that they can survive in tough climates , like the cold or dry climates. Sheep can bear cold weather as their fleece keep them warm.

6 – Sheep move around in large groups called flocks. They graze on fresh grass.

7 – If one sheep will move then the entire flock will follow. This is because of their gregarious instinct , the desire to stay together for protection.

8 – Sheep communicate with each other via bleating , grunting and snorting sounds. Sheep make different vocalisations to communicate different emotions.

9 – Sheep are known to self-medicate when they have some illnesses. They will eat specific plants when ill that can cure them.

10 – Female sheep (ewes) are very caring mothers and form deep bonds with their lambs.

11 – When the ewe gives birth to her lamb , she never forgets its smell and the taste she senses while she cleans it with her tongue. And the ewe can distinguish her own lamb from all others in a crowded flock.

12 – The sound of a female sheep is called bleating and her offspring can identify its mother by the sound she makes.

13 – Ewes often give birth to 1 to 3 lambs.

14 – After their birth, healthy lambs can stand immediately , within minutes , and join the herd.

15 – The meat of sheep is widely eaten by people across the world. Sheep milk is also drunk and used to make other products such as cheese.

16 – Of all the red meats , lamb meat has the lowest cholesterol level.

17 – Fat extracted from sheep , known as tallow , is used to make soap and candles.

18 – Wool , sheared from sheep , is the most commonly used fibre in the world.

  • How the sheep became such a useful animal?
  • Did the sheep came in existence by itself?
  • Certainly not.Because the sheep is made of atoms and animal cells.
  • And the creation of the atoms and animal cells themselves are miracles.
  • The Creator who has created the atoms and animal cells with great beauty and harmony.
  • It is The Creator who has created the sheep with such a wonderful qualities for the benefits of man.
  • The milk , meat and wool of the sheep has been specially created by The Creator for the benefice of man.
  • All Strength , All Power , All Might and All Ability is only for The Creator.
  • Only The Creator has Absolute Might and Absolute Perfection.
  • The Creator is The Strong One , Who can do whatever He pleases , Who does not need none to enforce His authority. He needs no help , nor supporters , nor assistants.