1 – Insulation is the material or technique used to reduce the rate at which heat is transferred. An insulator is something that does not let heat and electricity go through it easily.

2 – Materials that prevent heat from passing through them are called thermal insulators. A good thermal insulator will keep cold objects cold for a long time , and hot objects hot. Wood , plastic , and many fabrics , such as wool and cotton , are good thermal insulators. Thermal insulators are good materials for keeping people warm. Clothing , carpets , and curtains are examples of everyday thermal insulators.

3 – By putting a tea cosy on a teapot , the heat loss from the tea inside is reduced.

4 – Birds fluff up their feathers in the winter to trap air in between to help insulate them from the cold.

5 – Sheep grow thick wool to keep them warm , which is why we use it to make warm winter clothing for ourselves.

6 – Thermos flasks , fridges and ovens all use insulation very effectively to conserve heat or prevent heat penetration to keep our food and drinks hot or cold.

7 – Have you ever wondered how whales and other marine mammals survive and keep warm in the cold oceans?

8 – Feather , fur , and natural fibers are all examples of natural insulators. These are materials that allows birds , mammals and human beings to stay warm. Sea otters , for example , live in ocean waters that are often very cold and their thick fur keeps them warm. Other sea mammals like sea lions and whales rely on thick layers of fat (blubber) – a very poor conductor – to prevent heat loss through their skin.

9 – Penguin lives in the world’s most inhospitable climate – the ice of the Antarctic. Penguins have dense , oily feathers and a thick layer of fat beneath their skin – this acts like insulation , keeping their natural body heat in.

10 – Different animals insulate themselves differently. For example animals such as polar bears , dogs , cats have thick hair to keep them warm.

11 – Blubber is a thick layer of fatty tissue that is located between the muscles and the skin of marine mammals. It serves as a source of energy for these animals during lean periods , and it also insulates them from extreme cold. When marine mammals have difficulty finding food , they use these deposits for energy , rebuilding them when food is more abundant.

12 – Fats provide covering for the vital organs in the human body. This can be beneficial as fats are used for energy storage and can help with the loss of heat.

13 – Wood and plastic are good heat insulators and are used for saucepan handles.

14 – Insulators of electricity are used to Protect from terrible Shocks.

  • How come that some material are insulators and some are conductors? And both are beneficial to human beings , to animals and to the creation.
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