1 – When a pot of water is placed on a stove and the stove is turned on , the pan itself becomes increasingly hotter due to conduction; that is where the metal of the pot is directly in contact with the heating element. But the water inside the pot is heated due to convection. As the water at the bottom of the pot (touching the increasingly hotter metal) rises , it transfers heat to the water above it. The cold water is pushed downward towards the hot bottom of the pot due to convection currents , and the process continues.

2 – Convection is the transfer of heat by circulating it through air or liquids.

3 – Convection relies on the circulating motion of the molecules in order to transfer heat.

4 – When a layer of air receives enough heat from the Earth’s surface , it expands , becomes less dense and is pushed upward. Colder , heavier air sinks under it and is then warmed , expands, and rises. The warm rising air cools as it reaches the higher , cooler regions of the atmosphere and begins to sink. These convection currents causes local breezes , winds , cyclones , thunderstorms and the formation of early-morning fog layers when the land mass temperature is warmer than the air above it.

5 – Ocean currents result from two processes – the action of wind on the surface of the water , and from variation in water temperature that causes movement – a process known as convection. Convection occurs because the oceanic waters heat up , becoming less dense. This water moves above the cooler water , and give off its heat to the surrounding environment. As it cools , it begins to sink , and the process begins again. Convection results in the continual circulation of ocean water on a global scale.

6 – Like conduction and unlike radiation , convection requires a medium. However , in conduction the heat is transferred from one molecule to another , whereas in convection the heated fluid itself is actually moving. As it does , it removes or displaces cold air in its path. The flow of heated fluid in this situation is called a convection current.

7 – SEA BREEZE – Why there is usually a breeze at the beach. At the seaside , there is a land surface and a water surface , both exposed to the Sun’s light. Under such exposure , the temperature of land rises more quickly than that of water.

The land , then, tends to heat up more quickly , as does the air above it. This heated air rises in a convection current , but as it rises and thus overcomes the pull of gravity , it expends energy and therefore begins to cool. The cooled air then sinks. And so it goes , with the heated air rising and the cooling air sinking , forming a convective cell that continually circulates air , creating a breeze.

  • Convection is another method to transfer heat. And how useful it is! For example for the formation of wind and ocean currents.
  • Convection , conduction and radiation have been specially created for the service of creation. They do no have any power to create themselves. So a delicate and precise system cannot be accidental or by chance ! !
  • And it is the Creator who has Designed and Created them !
  • There is Only One Creator. There is an infinite and multiple varieties in the creation , but The Creator is One.
  • The infinite and multiple varieties in the creation are based on the uniformity of law. Meaning that , in the universe there is a law which is uniform. The investigations and discoveries that diverse scientists have made individually on different natural objects have brought them to a conclusion that the laws of nature are uniform and that there is harmony , equilibrium , stability , unity and complete perfection in the universe.
  • When The Creator creates something , He makes provisions for his development at each stage till He brings him to perfection and completion.
  • We are truly touched by the splendor , harmony , balance , stability , union and uniformity that reside in humanity , in the sky , on earth and in the entire creations.
  • The Creator is The Most Powerful; He is One whom no one can conquer and have power over him. It is The Creator who creates everything from nothing and He creates each and everything with the knowledge of what will happen to them in the future. It is The Creator who has created everything in proportion and uniformity. And The Creator is the Fashioner of forms and Designer of everything.