1 – Our bodies need vitamins and minerals to function. Different parts of our bodies like our eyes , brains , muscles , and bones need different vitamins and minerals to grow and be healthy. Vitamins are divided into two types: water-soluble and fat-soluble.

2 – The majority of vitamins are water-soluble , namely all the B vitamins and vitamin C. Because water-soluble vitamins are dissolved in our body fluids, we are unable to store these vitamins , making a regular supply essential to our well-being.

3 – In contrast , fat-soluble vitamins A , D , E and K can be stored in the body’s fat deposits, in which they are both transported and stored. Here is a list of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need:

4 – Vitamin A:- Essential for eyesight , especially night vision. Essential for normal growth in children. Keeps the skin in the mouth , respiratory tract and urinary tract moist (protects against harmful bacteria). Where we get it from:- Milk , oily fish , eggs , orange , yellow and green vegetables (carrots , spinach , apricots , mango , pumpkin , broccoli).

5 – Vitamin D:- Works with calcium and phosphorus to make strong, healthy bones and teeth. Where we get it from:- Sunlight , milk , fish oil , eggs.

6 – Vitamin E:- This is an antioxidant which play a role in preventing cancer and heart disease. Where we get it from:- Nuts , green leafy vegetables , whole grains.

7 – Vitamin K:- Essential for blood clotting. Where we get it from:- Green leafy vegetables , broccoli and cauliflower , eggs , cheese , wholemeal flour and bread

8 – Vitamin C:- Needed for healthy Bones , blood vessels , teeth , gums , healing , brain. Where we get it from:- Berries , bell peppers , oranges , spinach , tomatoes.

9 – Vitamin B12:- Works with folate to produce new blood and nerve cells and DNA. Helps process carbohydrate and fat. Where we get it from:-Fish , milk , cheese , red meat , chicken.

10 – Vitamin B6:- Helps process protein and carbohydrate. Assists in making red blood cells. Important for brain function and immune system health Brain , nerves , proteins. Where we get it from:- Bananas , nuts , red meat , chicken , fish , eggs , poultry , Wholegrains , green leafy vegetables.

11 – Thiamin (B1):- Helps release energy from carbohydrates. Is needed for proper working of the heart , digestive and nervous systems. Where we get it from:- Meat , fish , beans , cereals.

12 – Niacin (B3):- Helps to release energy from food. Important for growth. Helps control cholesterol levels.

13 – Important for nervous system and digestive health. Where we get it from:- Chicken , red meat , peanuts , fish , eggs , vegetables , milk.

14 – Riboflavin (B2):- Important for growth and repair of tissues , especially the skin and eyes. Where we get it from:- Meat , eggs , peas , nuts , milk , green vegetables dairy products (milk , cheese , yoghurt) , almonds , mushrooms.

15 – Folate (B9, folic acid):- Produces red blood cells and DNA. Keeps the nervous system healthy. Important in early pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. Where we get it from:- Green leafy vegetables , wholegrains , liver , oranges , avocado.

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