1 – All living things need energy to live , and energy comes from food. But , have you ever seen plants eating pizza or eating a bowl of cereal? No. most plants do not need to find food , because they can make it for themselves. Plants get their energy in a different way. They use photosynthesis.

2 – The process of photosynthesis is very crucial and important as during photosynthesis , plant breathe in carbon dioxide and in turn generates and releases oxygen.

3 – This process is in synchronization with the nature. The photosynthesis cycle maintains this environmental equilibrium all around the world , without which it would have been difficult for all creatures to breathe.

4 – Photosynthesis is a vital part of living. Without photosynthesis , not only plants would die , but so would all living things. When a plant undergoes photosynthesis , it not only produces fuel to live , but the by-product plants release is essential to all animals and humans – oxygen. It’s important to take care of plants and the environment ; without plants and the process of photosynthesis , human life cannot survive.

5 – Human beings , animals and all other creatures breathe in oxygen and releases out carbon dioxide. While in contrast , plants breathe in that carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.

6 – Photosynthesis takes place inside capsules in the leaf cells , called chloroplasts.

7 – Plants use their leaves to make food. Oxygen is created as a by-product. During photosynthesis , plant leaves take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Using the energy from sunlight , this is combined with water drawn up from the roots to make glucose. Oxygen is also produced in this chemical reaction and exits the leaves into the surrounding air.

8 – Many leaf cells contain tiny , lens-shaped organelles called chloroplasts. These can move around the cell towards the direction of sunlight.

9 – Chloroplasts are made up of stacks of tiny disclike membranes called grana , held in a dense mass of material known as the stroma. The grana are where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen , using some of the light energy captured by the chlorophyll. The rest of the light energy is used in the stroma to combine the hydrogen with the carbon dioxide to make glucose.

Structure of a chloroplast photosynthesis

10 – Do you know why the leaves of plants are green? The reason plant leaves green is because they contain a chemical called chlorophyll. Chloroplasts contain a green , light-capturing pigment called chlorophyll. This chemical helps the chloroplasts to act like minute solar panels. Chlorophyll is the element that captures energy from the sun. Carbon dioxide and water complete the process of photosynthesis with the captured energy from chlorophyll.

11 – When the elements of chlorophyll , water , sunlight and carbon dioxide synthesize , the plant produces the fuel it needs to live. The fuel that is produced when a plant undergoes photosynthesis is energy in the form of starch and sugar. Plants feed off of the starch and sugar and thus provide their own food to survive.

12 – The cycle which takes place in the photosynthesis process allows the plant to gain energy from sunlight , air and water to produce its own food.

13 – The basic elements that are used are carbon dioxide , water and minerals.

14 – And in turn it produces glucose (Sugar) and oxygen.

15 – It also makes use of solar energy.

16 – Oxygen from water is released in the form of water vapor. (Evaporation).

17 – Plants use energy from sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into an energy-rich sugar called glucose.

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