1 – As you stand in front of a fire holding your cold fingertips out in front of you , what do you feel? Slowly your fingers begin to warm up as they absorb the radiation coming from the fire. The infrared waves , or heat rays , leave the hot fire , and radiate out towards your hands.

2 – All objects radiate energy and heat , even your own body. However , the radiation coming from hotter objects is more intense than that coming from cooler objects. Radiation leaves an object in the form of waves. The hotter an object , the shorter the wavelength of this radiation.

3 – In radiation no material carrier transmits the energy. The source of the heat and the body that is heated are not touching , and no matter needs to move between them. A good example is the Sun radiating heat outward through the solar system. First , a heated surface (such as the Sun’s) emits energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation travels in all directions at the speed of light. Like light , radiation is transmitted by waves through space or even materials. Finally the radiation strikes a body where it is absorbed. The thermal energy of the body increases , and its temperature rises.

4 – When radiation from the Sun reaches the ground on Earth , the ground absorbs energy , causing its particles to speed up. Heat transferred by electromagnetic waves is known as radiant energy or thermal radiation. An electric heater transmits heat in this way. Examples of radiation is the heat from the sun , or heat released from the filament of a light bulb.

5 – There are many different types of radiation that we are all exposed to in our daily lives. Radio waves , visible light , microwaves ; these are all types of radiation that are part of what is called the electromagnetic spectrum. X-rays and gamma rays , are part of this electromagnetic spectrum as well.

6 – X-rays are also emitted by the sun but absorbed by the planet’s atmosphere. Most x-ray exposure occurs as a result of medical exams.

7 – Ever since radiation was discovered , people have benefited from its use in medicine and industry.

8 – Alpha , beta and gamma radiation are products of nuclear reactions , and all are dangerous to humans.

9 – The earth’s atmosphere deflects or filters the majority of the sun’s harmful radiation , and our near – perfect positioning in the solar system allows us to receive the benefits proximity to the Sun without being baked or broiled like Venus or Mercury.

  • How radiation came into existence? Before or after the creation of the sun? How it came to know the works it has to performed?
  • These are useless questions that come to our mind? Radiation is invisible. It does not have a body. We cannot touch it. And it do not have an intelligence , nor a will and neither a reasoning.
  • It is the Creator who has created the sun. And it is the Creator who has created radiation , conduction and convection to transfer the heat .
  • The Creator Knowledge is limitless. His Power , His Mercy , His Generosity are Infinite.
  • The Creator is The Perfectly Wise , in His Knowledge and in His Deeds.
  • There is no doubt or uncertainty in His Knowledge.
  • The Creator is the Most High.
  • The Creator is the Most Majestic.
  • The Creator is the Most Glorious.
  • The Creator do not have any associate with whom He has distributed His Power or Responsibility.
  • There is no other gods or idols. Their is Only One Creator.