1 – When molecules of any kind of atoms get more energy in them than they had before , they move faster , and we call that “heat”. When the molecules move faster , they hit against each other and bounce apart , and so they end up further apart from each other than they were before. The energy can come from sunshine , or from friction , or many other sources.

2 – If two things are touching each other , heat will flow from the hotter one to the colder one , unless they are the same temperature. The molecules of the hotter one will slow down , and the molecules of the colder one will speed up , until they are all moving at the same speed , and the two things have the same temperature. For instance , if you put an ice cube in your mouth , your mouth will get colder, and the ice cube will melt.

3 – When molecules are cold , they are not moving very much. Then they are usually very close together , like a crowd of people standing still. But as they heat up and move faster , the molecules begin to bump into each other and bounce off , and then they bump into other molecules. Soon they are farther apart from each other. Because of this , hot things have more space between the molecules than cold things , and the same number of molecules take up more space when they are hot. If you boil water in a pot , it will turn into steam.

4 – The Earth absorbs heat energy which is transferred from the Sun through radiation.

5 – Heat Energy is transferred in three main ways: conduction , convection and radiation.

6 – You might have been outside in the cold and when you came in to get warm , you may have touched a warm cup of hot tea. The heat from the cup is flowing to your hands and making them warm. The molecules of the cup will slow down as the heat is transferred and those in your hands will speed up as they get warmer.

7 – Temperature is a measure of how much heat energy an object has. When I say that “the mug of tea is hot ” I’m saying:

  • The mug of tea has a higher temperature than my hand.
  • The molecules in the mug of tea are moving faster than the molecules in my hand.
  • Heat energy will flow in the direction from the tea to my hand (not vice versa).

8 – There are three main ways that you can get heat from something else: conduction , convection , and radiation. The earth warms the air above it in these three ways.

9 – The sun radiates energy in all directions. Most of it dissipates into space , but the tiny fraction of the sun’s energy that reaches Earth is enough to heat the planet.

10 – The delicate balance between the amount of heat , the Earth receives from the sun and the heat that Earth radiates back into space makes it possible for the planet to sustain life.

11 – It is very important to know that heat is very important in our daily life in warming the house , cooking , heating the water and drying the washed clothes .

12 – Heat is important because it keeps us warm. Heat appears in many things like fire. Heat is also necessary when you are cooking a dish in the oven , microwave or stove.

13 – The sun provides heat for everything , even our bodies produce heat. Some other things that produce heat energy are: lights , computers , televisions , toasters , Phones , heaters , fridges and lots more.

14 – Heat is important because it allows living animals to maintain homeostasis. Without heat animals systems would shut down or halt.

  • Did the heat became existent by itself or someone created it? The first thing is to create the heat and the second most important thing is to transfer the heat for the benefit of the creation! And it need delicate precision!
  • How the heat can create itself for it is an invisible thing. And the heat do not have intelligence , nor a reasoning and neither a will.
  • Their must be a Creator who has created the heat and all the delicate system to transfer the heat.
  • When we observe the splendor , harmony , balance and unity that reign in the universe , it is definitely wonderful and breathtaking.
  • The Creator is the Owner of all Sovereignty. He is proprietor of the whole universe. The Creator does not share His Property , His Power and His Governorship with anyone to control the universe.
  • He is The Most Powerful , filled with Majesty , Generosity and Compassion. He is the Lord of Majesty and Generosity. Excellence , Mercy and Honor , everything is from The Creator .
  • The Creator is Everlasting. He neither has a commencement nor an ending. Creation will come to an end and time also will stop. But The Creator Alone, The Eternal will continue to exist.
  • Heat not only does it sustain life but it make us comfortable.It is a gift from the Creator who is Very Generous. He is the Sustainer. He has created sustenance to maintain the creation.
  • The Creator is One and Only One. He don’t have any rival and He do not have any partner.
  • But man has taken dozens of gods and idols opposite to the One and Only One God who is the Creator.