Animal Cell


1 – All living organisms are composed of cells.

2 – Animal cells are too small to be visible to the naked eyes. Some of these cells are so tiny that even 1 million of them together hardly cover a space as large as the pointed end of a pin.

3 – Scientists estimate that our bodies contain anywhere from 75 to 100 trillion cells.

4 – Animal cells are nano ( billionth of a meter small ) chemical factories that are completely self-sufficient!

Structure of an animal cell :-


Here are some fascinating facts you should know about animal cells:

5 – Mitochondria: They are power house of a cell , which aids in conversion of energy. It provides the required amount of energy a cell needs. Also known as, “Powerhouse” .

6 – Cell Membrane: It is a very thin and nearly invisible structure which surrounds the cell. It controls the entry and exit of molecules. Also known as , “gate keeper”.

7 – Cilia: Cilia are also known as, “Tiny Hairs”. They are designed to move the cell or substances around the cell.

8 – Cytoskeleton: They help in maintaining the cell shape, movements and internal movements.

9 – Golgi Bodies: It aids in transportation of macromolecules around the cell.

10 – Lysosome: Lysosomes are also known an , “suicide sacs”, which kills bacteria.

11 – Pinocytic Vesicle: It stores water for the cell.

12 – Vacuole: A vacuole is a membrane. It helps in intracellular digestion and releases waste products. It also contains water.

13 – Defense cells and the cell membrane. The membranes of the defense cells detect harmful external materials. When necessary , the tentacles of the cell membrane elongate to catch the bacteria and microbes. When the enemy is caught it is absorbed by the cell. The cell digests the enemy and the released particles are reused for the benefit of the body.

  • When we see the amazing facts of the cell , One thing come to the mind , how come that, a so small cell can performs such an amazing performance?
  • Does the cell have intelligence , wisdom , consciousness and will? Does the cell decide by himself what to do and what not? And what more , there are dozen of smaller particles in the cell and each doing specific amazing performance.
  • Does these smaller particles in the cell decide by themselves what to do and what not? definitely no!
  • It is the Creator who created all that is in existence , who made everything correct and in its place , in accordance to His Wisdom , who Shaped it in acordance to His praise and Wisdom. He is continuously doing so.
  • It is the Creator Who has complete and perfect power and ability , by His Power He brought everything into existence , by it He arranges all the affairs , by it He fashioned and perfected the creation , by it He brings to life and causes to die.
  • The Creator is unique with regards to His creating and His controlling. So in everything that has been created by The Creator , there are signs proving His Oneness and His Perfection.