Olive oil has numerous beneficial qualities. Some of them are as follows:

1 – Reduce bad cholesterol levels. – Olive oil contains polyphenols , which help to keep your levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol within healthy ranges.

2 – Make your arteries more elastic.

3 – Make you less hungry – Olive oil makes you feel satiated and tends to make you eat less and have fewer sugar cravings.

4 – Reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

5 – Lower the risk of coronary heart disease.

6 – Cure or reduce acne.

7 – Protect your red blood cells and therefore your heart – Over time , cells oxidize , leading to the common effects of aging. A specific polyphenol in olive oil is especially effective at protecting your red blood cells from oxidation.

8 – Treat sunburn – Olive oil soothes the pain of mild sunburn by helping skin retain its moisture. Use equal parts olive oil and water in a tight-lidded container. Shake well , then apply to mild sunburn. Shake the mixture often during application to keep it from separating.

9 – Improve your memory.

10 – Keep your lips soft and supple.

11 – Condition your hair Olive oil strengthens hair and makes it more flexible.

12 – Prevent dry scalps – Using olive oil as a scalp conditioner moisturizes your dry scalp.

13 – Moisturize your skin .

14 – Prevent your skin from aging prematurely.

15 – Olive oil penetrates the skin , leaving your skin silky smooth with no greasy feeling.

16 – Smooth and moisturize rough and dry feet .

17 – Help fight off degenerative diseases – The antioxidants in olive oil give it the power to help lessen the impact of degenerative diseases on your body.

18 – Lower your blood pressure.

19 – Reduce nitric acid to normal levels – Nitric acid has been proven to increase blood pressure. Olive oil reduces nitric acid levels. This may be one of the ways it lowers your blood pressure.

20 – Metabolism: Olive oil boosts the metabolism , the growth of good bone structure , and brain development in children. It is an excellent source of vitamin E , which is very beneficial for older people.

21 – Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Properties: The phenols present in olive oil have anti-inflammatory properties.

22 – Digestion: Olive oil is known to aid in the digestive process. It is used as a medicinal oil to clean the digestive tract and to improve bowel movements.

23 – Aging Process: Rich in antioxidants , olive oil slows the natural aging process of the human body.

24 – Prevention of Gall Stones: This oil is also effective in preventing gall stones.

25 – Healthy Cell Walls: Olive oil contains polyphenol which helps in stronger cell walls. It also increases the elasticity of arterial walls , protecting against various heart conditions.

26 – Cancer: Olive oil is said to protect the human body against cancerous growth.

27 – Breast cancer olive oil may help prevent breast cancer women.

  • The olives have not been created by chance!
  • And the beneficial properties of olives have not come by chance !
  • It has been specially created for mankind!
  • And it is The Creator who has created the olives with all it’s beneficial properties.
  • He is The Merciful , The Compassionate and He is The most loving .
  • It is necessary for man to believe in the oneness of God , in the sense of His being the only Creator.
  • And He alone who deserves to be worshipped , and thus abstains from worshipping any other thing or being.
  • In doing so man will get peace and tranquility of heart.
  • He will get harmony within himself.
  • And that is a great achievement for the spiritual development for man.