The Miracle Glue that bond atoms


1 – Molecules and compounds are held together by forces called chemical bonds.

2 – There are two main types of bonds that hold most compounds together: covalent bonds and ionic bonds.

3 – Covalent Bonds – Covalent bonds share electrons between atoms. This happens when it works out for atoms to share their electrons in order to fill their outer shells.

4 – Ionic Bonds – Ionic bonds form when one electron is donated to another. This happens when one atom gives up an electron to another in order to form a balance and, therefore, a molecule or compound.

5 – Both main types of bonds involve electrons. Electrons orbit atoms in shells. They want these shells to be full. When they aren’t they will try to bond with other atoms to try and fill their shells.

6 – The maximum number of electrons the atoms can hold in their outermost shells is 8. To do this, atoms either receive electrons from other atoms to complete the electrons in their outermost shells to eight , or if they have lesser electrons in their outermost shells , then they give these to another atom.

7 – A diamond is one big , visible molecule. All of the covalent bonds in diamond are identical. It forms a giant molecular structure. The structure has billions of atoms forming hexagons and extends in all directions

8 – The covalent bonds in diamond are very strong.

9 – It is the hardest substance known to man and have a very high melting point.

  • May be the carbon atoms in the diamond are more clever , because they decided to have such a special structure. And hence they are very expensive.
  • No. Definitely not. The atom , has no intellect , nor will , and neither consciousness.
  • Every atom behaves as if it knows that it should have eight electrons in its outermost orbit. So far , no molecular partnership has ever taken place with seven electrons , or with nine. In addition to calculating the number of electrons in their respective outer orbits , atoms must also determine whether it will be more profitable to donate or receive electrons. Atoms achieve a stable structure only when the number of electrons in their outer shell reaches 8.
  • Could it be that atoms decide by themselves that the number of electrons in their outermost shells should be eight? Or may be the different atoms in a molecule have made an arrangement between themselves , how they will bond?
  • Definitely not. The atom , has no intellect, nor will, and neither consciousness.
  • It is the Creator who has created the bond between the proton ,neutron and electron. The Creator is the most pure one,devoid of all blemish and error.
  • The Creator is the most perfect and is eternal.He is free of time and place. Before existence there was no time and no place,but the Creator existed. When we observe the uniformity of nature,when we observe the beauty and peace in nature , we come to the conclusion that there must be a Perfect , Absolute and Great Designer.
  • When we see a beautiful painting , we immediately think the intelligence of the artist who design and painted the painting. No man in the universe will think that the painting came into existence by itself.
  • If someone would tell us that the painting came into existence by itself , we would immediately think that this man is the most stupid person on earth.
  • So how can the creation with all it’s beauty and with it’s extraordinary design come into existence by itself .
  • And what more , the harmony and the uniformity that we observe , in every step of it’s life cannot be by itself or by chance.
  • Without any doubts there is One Great Creator who has created all the creation.