Protons and Neutrons


1 – The nucleus of an atom consists of protons and neutrons.

2 – The negatively-charged electrons are attracted to the positively-charged protons.

3 – The positively-charged protons repel each other and aren’t electrically attracted or repelled to the neutral neutrons , so you may wonder how the atomic nucleus sticks together and why protons don’t fly off.

4 – All the protons in the nucleus have positive charges and they repel each other because of the electro-magnetic force.

5 – However , due to the strong nuclear force , which is 100 times stronger than the repulsive force of the protons , the electro-magnetic force becomes ineffective , and thus the protons are held together. It’s this balance of forces that makes atoms possible.

6 – Protons and neutrons are made up of smaller subatomic particles. When protons or neutrons get close enough to each other, they exchange particles (mesons), binding them together. Once they are bound , it takes considerable energy to break them apart.

7 – The reason protons and neutrons stick together is because of the strong force. Neutrons are electrically neutral, and they attract the protons more than the protons push against other protons. This makes the nucleus more stable.

8 – The strong force is also known as the strong interaction or strong nuclear force.

9 – The strong force is much more powerful than the electrical repulsion between protons , but the particles have to be close to each other for it to stick them together.

10 – The Strong Nuclear Force which keeps the nucleus intact , and which is the most powerful force defined by the laws of physics.

11 – The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were indicative of how destructive the strong nuclear force becomes once it is liberated.

12 – This force ensures that the protons and neutrons in the nucleus of the atom stay together without flying apart. The nucleus of the atom is formed in this way.

13 – This force is so strong that it almost causes the protons and neutrons within the nucleus to bind to each other.

14 – The intensity of this force has been specifically arranged to provide that the protons and neutrons keep at a certain distance to each other. If this force had been just slightly stronger , the protons and the neutrons would bump into each other. If this force had been slightly weaker , they would be dispersed.

  • The tremendous equilibrium and design in the making of the atom is the manifestation of the infinite Compassion of the Creator.
  • It is clear that the forces in the atom have been created in a very special way with great wisdom and power.
  • The Creator , the Lord of all the worlds , is He Who creates everything in perfect proportion , measure and order.
  • It is The Creator of everything , the Omnipotent and the Almighty , who have established the extremely precise equilibrium inside the atom.
  • The beauty and harmony in the nucleus of the atom is the manifestation of the infinite beauty and infinite mercy of the Creator.
  • He is the owner of all the creation. He is the Absolute Ruler of all creation. He does not need any kind of help to rule.
  • There is none like Him.
  • These are signs , proofs and evidences for man of intelligence. There is Only One Creator. There is Only One Absolute Lord. There is Only One God. The harmony , peace and beauty in the proton , neutron and electron that make the atom prove that there must be Only One God.
  • If there were many gods there would have been chaos and disorder in the making of the atom itself.