1 – The Earth’s atmosphere is divided into several layers. The lowest region, the troposphere, extends from the Earth’s surface up to about 10 kilometers (km) in altitude.

2 – The next layer, the stratosphere, continues from 10 km to about 50 km. Most atmospheric ozone is concentrated in a layer in the stratosphere, about 15–30 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

3 – The ozone layer is a concentration of ozone molecules in the stratosphere.

4 – Ozone is a molecule containing three oxygen atoms. It is blue in color and has a strong odor. Normal oxygen, which we breathe, has two oxygen atoms and is colorless and odorless. Ozone is much less common than normal oxygen. Out of each 10 million air molecules, about 2 million are normal oxygen, but only 3 are ozone.

5 – However, even the small amount of ozone plays a key role in the atmosphere. The ozone layer absorbs a portion of the radiation from the sun, preventing it from reaching the planet’s surface.

6 – Most importantly, it absorbs the portion of ultraviolet light called UVB. UVB has been linked to many harmful effects, including various types of skin cancer, cataracts, and harm to some crops, certain materials, and some forms of marine life.

7 – A diminished ozone layer allows more radiation to reach the Earth’s surface. For people, overexposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer, cataracts, and weakened immune systems. Increased UV can also lead to reduced crop yield, disruptions in the marine food chain, and other harmful effects.

8 – Stratospheric ozone is naturally formed in chemical reactions involving ultraviolet sunlight and oxygen molecules, which make up 21% of the atmosphere.

9 – In the first step, sunlight breaks apart one oxygen molecule (O2) to produce two oxygen atoms(2 O).

10 – In the second step, each atom combines with an oxygen molecule to produce an ozone molecule (O3).These reactions occur continually wherever ultraviolet sunlight is present in the stratosphere.

11 – When the ozone layer absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, it creates a source of heat and regulates the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. If the ozone didn’t filter the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, most of it would reach the Earth’s surface, which would be dangerous for plants and animals

  • We have already seen the properties and funtions of oxygen. But how three oxygen atoms when they form a molecule , which is known as the ozone , be so important for humanity?
  • How the oxygen came to know that a molecule of three oxygen can be formed ? And how it can be so important to humanity?
  • These created things either created themselves – which is impossible – or man created himself then created them – which is also impossible.
  • And the answer is simple, the oxygen do not have a will , nor a conscious and neither intelligence. And definitely their must be someone who created , planned , designed and fashioned the oxygen atom as it is.
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