Carbon Dioxide


1 – Carbon dioxide , or CO2 , is a gas composed of one carbon and two oxygen atoms.

2 – Carbon dioxide makes up about 0.037 percent of the air.

3 – Slight as that amount is , plants and animals depend upon it for life. It is a very important component of Earth’s atmosphere.

4 – It plays an important role as a greenhouse gas. A greenhouse gas traps energy from the Sun , which warms Earth’s surface. This is known as the greenhouse effect. Without the greenhouse effect , Earth would be much too cold for life.

5 – Plants make their nutrients with it. They combine the carbon dioxide with water to make sugar by the process called photosynthesis . From the sugar , the plants then make starch and cellulose.

6 – Plants absorb Carbon dioxide and emit oxygen as a waste product.

7 – Animals eat the plants and in getting energy from the food , they produce carbon dioxide and return it to the air as they breathe.

8 – Humans and animals breathe oxygen and emit Carbon dioxide as a waste product.

9 – Plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by photosynthesis.

10 – Carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere does not stay there but is continually recycled by plant.

11 – Carbon dioxide is a nutrient , not a pollutant , and all life , plants and animals alike benefit from it.

12 – Carbon dioxide is soluble in water , it occurs naturally in groundwater , rivers and lakes , in ice caps and glaciers and also in seawater.

13 – It is present in deposits of petroleum and natural gas.

14 – It is a food additive and acidity regulator in the food industry.

15 – It is used to produce carbonated Soft drink and Soda.

16 – Carbon dioxide is useful in baking as well. Yeast , baking powder and baking soda all release carbon dioxide gas when they are mixed into batter or dough. The gas forms bubbles , which cause the batter or dough to rise, or expand.

  • How come Carbon dioxide which is made of protons , neutrons and electrons have so much important properties and functions. And become essential nutrients for plants.
  • The Carbon Dioxide by itself cannot decide what properties and functions it will have. It is The Fashioner , The Maker , The Planner who has made the Carbon Dioxide as it is. And with all it’s properties and functions.
  • The creator is the Perfect Lord and Master upon Whom all of creation depends. The Lord and Master Whose control is complete. Upon Whom the whole of creation depends for its needs , because of His Perfection in His Self , His Names , His Attributes and His Actions. The One Who remains and never passes away.
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