1 – Horses have excellent senses including good hearing , eyesight , and a tremendous sense of balance.

2 – Their ears can turn in different directions to aid their hearing.

3 – Horses use their ears , eyes and nostrils to express their mood.

4 – They also communicate their feelings through facial expressions.

5 – Horses use a range of different vocalisations to communicate.

6 – Horses are clever animals. And it has good memory.

7 – If a horse is treated kindly , it will remember the person as a friend for as long as it lives instantly resuming friendship when it sees him again, regardless of how long they have been apart. They also remember places very well.

8 – Horses can run within hours after birth.

9 – Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up. They sleep only 3 – 4 hours per day! While standing they lock their legs when they sleep so they don’t fall over.

10 – They were once a major form of transportation for humans.

11 – It has plowed fields and brought in the harvest , hauled goods and conveyed passengers , followed game and tracked cattle.

12 – Horses played an important role in warfare throughout human history.

13 – They are still often used by police forces.

14 – Horses project an image of power. Their big muscles have helped them run fast and work hard.

  • It is the Creator who has created the horse, with so a wonderful and amazing qualities, that have helped with many of mankind’s greatest achievements.
  • In Surah 100 (Al-‘Adiyat ) Allaah describes the special features of war-horses , who risk their lives to travel under very dangerous and difficult conditions , especially in the battlefields where they follow the commands of their masters, they risk their lives and bear the greatest of hardships, they penetrate into the centre of the enemy forces without the least degree of fear.
  • Whereas man has not created the horse , he has not even created the fodder that he gives to them. Man task is merely to give them the fodder that Allaah,The Creator has created.
  • And the horses recognize and acknowledge this little favor , man does to them , and are prepared to risk their lives and bear the greatest of hardships.
  • As against this , Allah has created man and endowed him with high faculties , abilities , intellect and senses to perform various types of tasks , thus making him the crown of His creation.
  • The Creator has provided him with all types of food.
  • The Creator has created each and every facilities to provide for all his needs and necessities in an amazing.
  • And The Creator bear testimony to the fact that man is very ungrateful to Allaah’s favours.
  • And The Creator bear testimony that man does not recognize and acknowledge the favors , nor does he express his gratitude to his Creator. And the reason is because man is so engrossed in this worldly life.