1 – Donkeys are very strong animals.

2 – Donkeys can recognise areas and other donkeys they were with up to.

3 – When a donkey is faced with a strange situation, its instinct is to stand still and to consider what is expected.

4 – If it is being asked to do something that is not in its interest to do , then the donkey will remain where it is.

5 – Some people call that stubbornness while others will say the donkey will not do something it considers to be unsafe.

6 – It is difficult to force or frighten a donkey into doing something it sees as contrary to its own best interest or safety.

7 – They don’t like rain and being out in it for long periods can damage their health as their fur is not waterproof.

8 – They are very useful animals because they can carry heavy loads over rough terrain.

9 – Donkeys are much more of an all terrain animal than horses.

10 – The donkey is used all over the world for an infinite variety of jobs. Donkeys are often a lifeline to families in many regions of the world.

11 – They help with water and wood fuel collection , land cultivation and transportation of produce to market.

12 – They are very useful to man , because they carry the heavy load and walk at about a human’s foot pace.

  • The Creator has created the donkey at the service of man.
  • Since the coming of man in this world , the donkey has been the companion of man.
  • It has helped man by carrying the loads and burden of man in the most rough terrain.
  • He is The Creator who creates all beings , creating likewise the means for their sustenance. He provides ways for them to have access to such means of sustenance; He has made accessible to them what is necessary.
  • Allaah is the One Who bestows sustenance , the Lord of Power , the Strong One.
  • All Honor , All Dignity , and All Greatness is for The Creator Alone.
  • Allaah has always been Generous , and He will always be so.
  • Allaah is high above any lowliness; He gives abundantly , and He gives beautifully.
  • Allaah is the wisest in creating everything and in perfecting such a creation. His wisdom means His prior knowledge of everything and His bringing everything into existence most wisely.
  • The Creator is The Great One , The One whose status is Sublime , Who is most Benevolent. His status is Tremendous , Whose Benevolence is Great. He is Honored , Whose actions are beautiful , and who is generous in giving.